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Scandinavia Weird

08/20/07 - Includes the Salads of Scandinavia and the Manholes of Scandinavia Series.



Ragnar's Return (on the Sognefjord)

08/11/07 - Cruising on the Sognefjord in Norway.



Rock Me Amadeus

07/29/07 - An unauthorized collaboration between Falco and Google.



A Message from World Control

07/22/07 - An experiment in '60s trippy stuff.



An Exercise in Pure, Unbridled Silliness

07/14/07 - Just exactly what the link says. A silly animation of cat photos set to the tune "Happy Boy" by the Beat Farmers, one of the stranger tunes to come down the pike.



A Day at the North Rim

07/13/07 - Sunrise to sunset at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, 2006.



54 Years in 3.1 Minutes

07/11/07 - John and Nan's whole life to date, set to "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams.




07/08/07 - A photo album for Erin.




07/08/07 - A photo album for Leah.



500 Channels and Nuthin' But Cats!

07/06/07 - More cats!



Flying Eight Inches Off the Ground

07/05/07 - Segways a go-go. Careening around the Muny parking lot at Forest Park.



Ride of the Segways

07/05/07 - Segways in Forest Park.



All You Need is Cats

07/05/07 - More fun with muvee.




07/04/07 - Fun with muvee. Cats fighting it out a la Kirk and Spock.





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Rock Me Amadeus


A Message from World Control


54 Years in 3.1 Minutes


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