John and Nan

Captions With No Pictures

There are parts of our trip that were memorable, but the pictures don't exist outside of my head.

There are no pictures that capture me staring for hours through binoculars at the south rim of the Grand Canyon, trying to spot hikers coming down from the rim, then realizing that the rim was eleven miles away and that the shrubs I was looking at were actually trees, and that I wouldn't have seen an elephant at that distance, much less a hiker.

There are no pictures that capture the night sky at the Grand Canyon. I've never seen a night sky like that in my life, not even when I was growing up in a small town in the Midwest or sitting on a mountain top in the Appalachians. The sky was clear and the moon was just a sliver that set early in the evening. The Milky Way was so spectacular that many of the people at the lodge didn't know what it was. Some still wouldn't believe what it was after they were told.

There are no pictures that capture the feelings we experienced while we were catching up with our good friend Sarah and her daughter Aubrey and getting to know Bob and his lovely daughters.

There are no pictures that capture the grins on our faces after we popped for first class on the last leg of our flight home and toasted each other with Glenlivet and Heineken.

A damn good end to one of the best vacations ever.

The cats were delirious with happiness to see us when we got home.

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