John and Nan

Africa Itinerary

John and Nan fly from Saint Louis to Chicago on 12/18.

Erin flies from Atlanta to Chicago on 12/18.

John, Nan & Erin fly to Paris and then to Douala, Cameroon - arriving 12/19.

Leah meets us in Douala and we stay there two days. (12/19 & 12/20)

Douala is the largest and wealthiest city in Cameroon, but it's not the capital.  Think hot and humid - temperatures should be around 100 to 110.  Of course, Leah probably has some suggestions for what to do and see in Douala. At least a few of Leah's Peace Corps pals will be there too. We'd like to see the National Museum to get an overview of history and regional art.

Next, we all go to Limbe, on the coast, for two days of enjoying the black sand - from old volcanic flows from Mount Cameroon. (12/21 & 12/22).  Then we're off to Bamenda, in the mountains for a day or two. It should be cooler there. I think some of Leah's Peace Corps pals live there. There's a large crafts market, including goods smuggled in from Nigeria. Yikes - we're not sure we want to know about that. (12/23 & maybe 12/24).  Then we go to Yabassi, Leah's home. This is a town of about 4,000, pretty much off the beaten path. We'll be staying at Leah's house and anticipate meeting some of her students and her friends in the town. We'll spend about 5 days there. We'll find out what the local home-style food is like, because Leah has friends anxious to cook for us. Also, some men may want to negotiate with John over bride-price in order to marry Leah and/or Erin. This may REALLY happen.

Finally we all go back to Douala on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. We'll let you know if New Year's celebrations are any different in Africa than in the U.S.

John, Nan, and Erin leave Douala, Cameroon late at night on 01/02 and arrive in Paris early in the morning of 01/03.

During our weekend in Paris, we plan to see:

Pont Neuf Bridge
Flower Market
Maybe take a sight-seeing boat on the Seine
Arc de Triomphe
Paris Story film at the Opera
Rodin Museum
Eiffel Tower

and eat croissants and drink coffee in cafes.

We leave Paris around noon on Sunday 01/05, flying to Dallas and John and Nan fly from Dallas to Saint Louis. Erin flies from Dallas to Atlanta.

We catch up on our sleep.

We download whatever pictures we took with the digital camera and post them to our web page.


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